More Fake News From The DNC's Media Machine

Once again, the Liberal "news media" has released false information as "news" against President Trump, and once again, their story was proven to be fake news. This time, Robert Mueller, himself, debunked their false propaganda.

Before the Liberals here start arguing back, I'll also point out that--as if one false report were not enough for one week--the Liberal media also published fake news in shamefully false reports against pro-Life teenagers at a school event, wildly mischaracterizing the students' actual behavior in an obvious attempt to cast a false "racist" light on the pro-Life movement.

Yep, twice again, they made up a bunch of lies and half-truths and published unverified claims as "news" but got busted. Now, they're trying to spin their way out of it.

Now, watch as all the major "news" outlets who rushed to repeat Buzzfeed's now-debunked Trump story--along with the one about the teens--pretends that Buzzfeed, alone, is to blame. Smart people know that the Liberal media in general is to blame for this because they rushed, as a group, with gleeful passion to propagate the false story and say things like, "If this is true, then it's grounds for impeachment."

But it's nothing new. Dan Rather still ices the cake with his forged document against Bush. It amazes me how easily people forget and forgive things like that and actually trust those trash-quality sources for information.

Folks, it's not the "Russians" that should be worrying you. It's the Democratic Party and their Liberal campaign arm know as the "news media." They are feeding you lies and propaganda on a scale of manipulative power, quantity, and quality that dwarfs anything the Russians can do in terms of influencing elections. If you trust "the media" for truth these days, you might as well start reading the "National Enquirer" or watching "Ancient Aliens" and considering them legitimate science journals.

Shame on the "media." Most of them are working as campaign workers for the Democratic Party, spinning whatever they can in the left's favor, even if it means lying through their teeth. Question everything they report.

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The dems media has a heavy hand on the hate scale

for some communistic reason they don't like to MAGA