Catfish updated 5-28-19

My son & I was able to get out Saturday morning & do some spring catfishing. He really had a ball, there were a couple times we had 3 on at one time. We got there at 7am & fished until 11am. It was around 50 degrees when we started & warmed up to 70+ by the time we left. We caught over 30 using shrimp that ranged from 2# to 10#, I expect the bigger ones will come in as the water warms up a little more.
I was going to post a pic but kept getting an error.

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So here is how I have to post my pics now when the Internal Server Error 500 pops up. I email them to my account, then open the pic up on a computer. I next open the pic with Paint and click on the Resize button and adjust my percentage to 20% Horizontal and Vertical. Save. Then edit the post and do your attachments. So far that has solved my problem. Usually a delay between original post date and Pics Added date but it works.

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I usually do not have to re-size unless the file size is too large & this one was not. Either way it worked after I re-sized it. thanks for the help.
Went back again Saturday but did not take the boat since they were calling for T-storms & had my 3 yr old daughter & son. We fished off the bank but only got to stay an hour or so before we had to leave. We managed 3 cats (5#, 3#, & a small one). Kids had a great time just wished could have stayed longer.
Went again Saturday with the boat. Didn't do nearly as well. Caught 15 or so cats with the biggest being 10# or so.
Went again this weekend & caught around 35 with over half being small ones but did manage some nice ones. Got too hot for my daughter so we left around 10:30am.
The bigger ones were caught on cut bait.

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hey wateree is my home lake. I know that powerhouse. are you running into any stripers?
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