Shrimp starting to show up in the Deep Holes

Did 4 throws to make sure the sonar was correct. Got about 10 nice size white shrimp per throw. Good to see. more trip details on my blog at

22' Carolina DLV - For Reel

I never have been able to see them on my garmin. Maybe I don’t have the settings dialed in. I know what they are supposed to look like and I have dropped nets and pulled up 50 but never saw them on sonar. What am I missing? I have been out 5-6 times in the past two weeks and have seen no more than 3 in a net. Mostly pull up 1-2 per net.

It depends on your unit, setting, zoom level, chirp ability, etc.. but on standard sonar, quantities of shrimp show up as almost a swarm of returns near or on the bottom. The more dense the return, the more shrimp. It takes a awhile o learn your sonar and to be able to judge the difference between jelly fish, bait fish, and shrimp. Try running with auto gain and zoom set to maybe 4x locked on bottom.

22' Carolina DLV - For Reel