sat 5/18

Fished on the Reel Interest with Captain Steve and Mate Chris Perot. They put us on the fish - 15 Mahi and a daymaker last fish - 57 lb Wahoo on the troll back over the ledge right before we were about to bring the lines in. Rough conditions but boat was great and energy was positive the whole day. We had an awesome time and made some lasting memories. First Mahi for my son (15) and his friend - who was always ready to grab a rod and got to reel in the Wahoo. Chris had a busy day and we tried to help out but he had a workout and made it look easy. Lots of scattered grass with some thin weed lines. Most fish 370 to 400 on all colors. Cooked some wahoo sashimi last night following Capt Steve's recipe and it was delicious! Can't wait to do it again!

Steve is a buddy and have been on Reel Interest several trips. Saw you boys unloading from Salt Water Cowboy and was trying to count your haul. Nice job! Steve puts us on fish every time. Booking a trip with him now!

Robalo 247 300 Yami

Nice Haul! Memories like that keep you going back! Can you share the recipe?

- Fishful Thinking
coat fillets with olive oil then add salt and pepper and sesame seeds and then pan sear in olive oil and a little butter. just sear so inside is raw. then cut in thin slices - add soy and wasabi. note: some of the fish is in the above pic is cooked too much but my kids are , you know, not there yet... ;)
Wahoo is some of the best sushi you can have.

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Food porn for real... excellent catch... love that plate of yummy fish!

Capt. Garry Coats
Folly Beach & CHS