AJ loins(another white meat!)

Cooked the loins just now. Dried loins rubbed sides with olive oil/melted butter coated with sesame seed/Com'on ManCajun seasoning. Heated grill to 600degrees with oak wood wedge for smoke, Once super hot (fives minutes) put fillet on top rack, cooked for 7 minutes, flipped and cooked 5 minutes. cut off grill and let stay in another 5 minutes. The other is Rogerwood sausage (wife wanted) . It was great on garden salad/ranch dressing. tender/flaky/juicy cool

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you should have told everyone that sausage was an octopus. smile

That sure does look good! Most people I know tend to shy away from the Amberjacks because of the worms they see in the belly meat. I've done the loins up in nuggets and fried. Never grilled. Maybe one day I'll get back into offshore fishing and give it a try!
AJ is pretty good meat, just tend to get such a low yield with all the worms. Sometimes you get lucky, though. Good looking meal -- making me hunrgy.

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AJ is perfect with spaghetti dishes !
I just cooked some AJ I caught yesterday and it was delicious. Broiled it half way then topped off with a tomato, basil, scallion, onion, caper, lemon juice and olive oil concoction and finished it under the broiler. Tasted awesome!

Aj is great. Just trim the cuts the way you want them and you'll have no worms in sight. Most of the time the worms are concentrated in the tail.

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